So what do you guys think about this! i love a good debate and hearing what and how people think!  According to the media its been almost 20 years since an african american woman has graced the covers of vogue Magazine! like wow... i was litterally 5 years old, when Naomi Campbell made her appearance on the cover of vogue in 1989!(the first African American ever) It was just brought to my attention from a reader that beverly Johnson was actually the first african american to grace the cover of vogue Magazine in 1974, making Naomi campbell the second and Halle the third!  Don't really know what to say except, every one should be given equall opportunity, but you gotta have tough skin in that industry and you gotta fight for what u believe! Please feel free to comment about this, not being bias…we could be black, white, blue, red whatever blood still runs through our veins, and we all hurt! How am i going to show my support? I will mos deff by this issue when it comes out on newstands! Lets talk!

VOGUE 2010
VOGUE 1974
VOGUE 1989


  1. This is a great blog entry and the topic of much discussion in the African American community. However, Beverly Johnson was the first African American to cover the magazine in 1974.

  2. oh really? wow thanks for the unknown information! Interesting to know… and even still 1974, i wasnt even born… :)

  3. Michelle Obama was on the March 2009 cover. So that makes 4 little brown girls that have graced the cover of the magazine, but that is still no where near enough.

  4. Im confused because Jennifer Hudson was on the cover in 2007 and 13 other black females have been on the magazine since 2009....