Hey luvlies, as you all know, I love fashion, I love styling myself as well as others, and I love styling hair ! I wanted to show all you followers my ability with styling others. I am happy to announce that I have opened laFASHIONBLACKBOOK. This is the second installment from my first blog http://shopnowsavelater.blogspot.com. I will still be using this blog, but laFASHIONBLACKBOOK will be showcasing myself styling others and how I put different looks together. If you would liked to be styled for a special occasion , please feel free to contact me at Tysha_James@hotmail.com ! http://lafashionblackbook.blogspot.com/

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  1. Hi Tysha! I love your blog. I found it after you were posted on Fashion Bomb Daily. I love your look, I think it's similar to my own style. I just started a blog and I would love for you to check it out. My name is Tashana and my site is nursingafashionhabit.onsugar.com. Check me out, leave your feedback! Thanks, Doll!