Hey fam, hope you'll are doing great, its been a while since i've uploaded an outfit post! I've been mad busy, bla bla bla i know you've heard it all before! So the best news i've gotten all week, i might be going to cuba for the weekend! Yah the words MIGHT is not very reassuring but i gotta think positive :) I'm going crazy, what am i going to wear IF i do go! I always panic when getting ready to pack for a trip, the walls crumbles around me and i think the worst " I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! " really? i have shit loads of clothes staring at me in my closet, but i get thrilled at the idea of popping freshly new tags off an outfit! Am i retarted or what? Anyways im really looking forward to it. Its my daughters bday next week so this will be the perfect vacay for her apart from the infamous "Disney land" I really need to go on a hunt for that urban decay cocoa shimmer body glitter that Ashley (a very helpful follower) suggested, oh and a fedora!

 Okay well imma stop talking about it until it is confirmed! Anyways lets see what else is going on? nothing much i live a very boring and unentertained life :(  This past friday my older sis and i went to dinner, to talk and catch up, we hardly see each other as much because of our busy lives or should i say work! It was a friday evening well spent! Was gonna take more pics but my camera died! Anyways luvs im out, enjoy your week and dont do anything i wouldn't! :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox

Blazer: Zara (borrowed from my sister, F21 tank, skirt, Franco Sarto oxfords, 

Aldo bracelets, Louis Vuitton bags, F21 rings
I know my nails look like shit, my last nail color is still visible under the green nail color, but this was my attempted diy! I am so overdue for a mani/pedi! 


  1. blazer and shoes are nice!!

    xx charmediem*

  2. I just feel like busting out with some SWV after seeing your nails lolz... Love the blazer!! Your sis has great taste like you!!


  3. @ tima :) i know right! remember cocoas nails? i really like this blazer too, we both went to zara to get one, but she got the last size and color :( at least i can still borrow it! lol

  4. You are such a DIVA! I've looked thru the entire blog and you are too fierce for words. You've given me so much inspiration to try the 'unexpected' in fashion. I thought my shoe game was mean, but girl you are killing it. Keep it coming with your pics and fashions.

  5. awwwww thanks DeeDee. I've never considered myself to be a diva, so its quite shocking to hear that (:)) i just wear anything that i like and i feel comfortable in. but i am happy that i've inspired you to take more fashion risks, every one has their own style and we're all here to give eachother ideas and share our spoonfull of style! and shoes are my weakness….. lol still workin on a pair of red bottoms… thanks for your comment and have fun with your wardrobe! send me a post with your shoe game i love shoe pics im sure you have some mouth watering shoes as well. take care babe xoxoxoxoxoxo