Hey guys...  so nothing much has been happening on my end lately, just the usual wake up and off to work, come home spend some time with the kiddies and off to bed until my day starts again! BORING! I need some adventure in my life! I'm really excited to be planning my Miami vacation with my big sis! I've been trying to keep in shape, hitting the gym not as often as i would like!  and drinking horrible veggie home made drinks, think: celery, spinach, apple, banana.  BLAHHHH! the things we do to loose weight!

Anyways I'm keeping my third eye open for sales on swimsuits and jewelery and some cute beach sandals. I already found this beautiful handcrafted beaded Caftan, on sale which was priced at $80 originally and I got for $34. Don't you love a good deal? I am on the hunt for a body glow or glitter whatever its called! Nothing too bronze just the right amount of shimmer. My sis and I tried a few body glows from Sephora, and didn't really like the ending results. The NARS was the biggest disappointment of all, it looked so bronze and shimmery in the bottle and it did absolutely nothing for my skin, it didn't even glow! Do you guys have any suggestions?

Since I'll only be gone for a week or even maybe a weekend, I don't have much to pack! So this is what my MIAMI WISHLIST looks like...WOMP WOMP.. I only wear one piece swimsuits due to my stretch marks from my last delivery... it's freakin sucks but hey there are some sexy one pieces out there! I would love any suggestions that you guys have in regards to my trip. ta ta for now luvlies. (there i am talking about i need some adventure in my life! I'm fuckin  oops! pumped right now, seriously can't wait it'll be a blast!) the hubby and i are also thinking of going for the weekend ..... hmmmmmm sex on the beach anyone? lmao get your minds out of the gutter i was talking about the drink!

1. Slippers
2.Caftan  check
3.Oversized straw hat
4.Sunglasses  check
7.Body glow
8.Book  ha ha ha who said anything about reading we'll be in Miami baby! (maybe for the plane)
9.Beach bag


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  1. I love Urban Decay's Cocoa Shimmer/Glitter. I will warn you that it smells like chocolate but its only a faint scent. They are hands down the best shimmer for brown beauties. Loved all of your Fashion Bomb looks!