Stripes & Socks

I went to La Senza today, in the hopes of finding a lace bra, and guess what I found? This really cool polka dot corset. I love the flirty frills at the bottom and the sheerness of it, not too sure if you can see the polka dot and details on the corset because it's worn over a striped dress, (another great piece that I bought from h&m.) I wasn't going anywhere! just decided to play dress up and trying to mix different patterns and textures together. What do you think about this look?

Zara jacket, h&m: dress & socks , La Senza bustier, shoes no name, F21 accessories


  1. Cute ensemble! Stripes works for you!
    hey this is ShellyAnn's sister. She told me about the blog so I came around to say hi! Im following you. I also have a blog so check it out whenever you're free

  2. just trying something new! thanks hun for followingxoxoxoxoxoxo i will for sure check out your blog, take care and tell ur sis hi!