May Dreams Come True!

I've had this lace skirt for like forever, never knew or had the right function to wear it to (considering the length!) but anyways i decided to pair it up with a lace bra! Back when i was a little girl i loved playing pretend ballerina till i just got sick of it, but now i'm grown i miss it! How innocent  were the days of childhood! :) i would give it all up to be a kid again... Anyways when i tried on my skirt i felt like a ballerina, and it took me bback to my childhood again! so i took some pics, had lots of fun doing it, My sisters room (where the pics were taken) as you can see is very ballerina friendly.... (see ballerina Statue) lol lol ..

Part 2
So i know these are alot of pics.. I liked them all and couldn't choose so i decided to put them all up! don't you hate that? Anyways hope you guys like them. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

"A trend is a trend but when you put your own twist to it its original!"

Forever 21 bra. accessories, winners lace tutu skirt, h&m black tights and Steve Madden YSL inspired pumps xoxoxoxo