By the lake

Today i got everything done on my to do list! So happy that's out of the way. Sometimes i think i procrastinate alot, its not a good thing but i promised myself it will be one of my new years resolution that i'm working on...... so bump that, so on my way home today, i decided to take a different route to avoid running in to traffic (my biggest pet peeve: TRAFFIC) by chance i ran into a lake, it was breathtaking a place of serenety, ofcourse i had to check it out. Jaw dropping gorgeous, it was the perfect scenery! Sometimes we need to take our selves away from the world and find that place of serenity and enjoy the out doors and all the beauty it has to offer. Here's a few pics of the view!

"I got to take myself away, from all those things that's hurting me i go to make my life so free"
Sizzla Kalonji

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