Girl in the City

This has been the best Fall weather yet. While the leaves change colour, polluting the side walks, and the smell of pumpkin spice latte's fill the air, it's a quick reminder that Fall is here! Usually this time of year I would be bundled up in the coziest knits that I own, but looks like summer is here to stay for just a wee bit longer. 

As of lately, I'm addicted to everything pumpkin which is odd, because I'm not a huge pumpkin lover but I do enjoy a good ole home made pumpkin pie. Have you guys tried the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks?  Oh man if you haven’t well RUN... and tell them I sent you!

I threw on an oversized vest for this look, a cropped tank, and a pair of jean shorts. Nothing spectac, just your basics. My trusty big hoop earrings and a red lip helped me pull this look together.  
(witch by the way I am low key loving, because I usually shy away from anything red when it involves makeup)
Theres something about red lips and sleek hair, this is a simple yet classic style we can all channel.

I should warn you in advance that my next couple posts ALL feature Red lips. 
**Emoji shrug**

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend, now lets be great and step into Monday with fearlessness, positivity and a smile. 

xoxo Ty

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