Hermes Orange

The weather here in Toronto, has been unbelievably hot for September so I decided to take full advantage of it. A photo shoot followed by the most delicious food, at a near by cafe and a BONUS view on the waterfront. 

The vibrant Orange colour of this jumper, instantly reminded me of the Hermes box. (hence my post title) I snagged this jumper from my local F21 about a year ago and sadly just now got around to wearing it!  Honestly I'm surprised it still fits, as I must confess I haven't been keeping up with my daily exercise routines. I'm just not that type of girl.  Of course it's easy to yell "GOALS" at the perfect shaped, chiseled Ab, IG babe on your timeline, however you see the way my life is set up...I'm just not about that life. Ill go hard for a week, maybe even two!! but physically and Mentally I was done before I even started. You know what they say "ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN" so in that case it shouldn't be that hard finding things to eat right? 

Outfit: Forever21- Jumper, Zara - heels

These shoes were also purchased on sale for a whopping $15. (purchased 2 yrs ago) And yes I am just now wearing them for the first time. What would Carrie Bradshaw do? HA 

I wanted so badly to pair this look with my oversized denim jacket however it was way to hot for that. Maybe next time.

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