Quality Time

The years are going by extremely fast! My baby girl is soon to be 8 next month! It seems like it was only yesterday I was changing her diapers and spoon feeding her ! As much as I would like to hold on to these memories forever, reality is she's growing up, a little too quickly but that's beyond my control! Being a young mom has taught me a lot! I was only 18 years old when I had her and knew absolutely nothing about parenthood or even where to start, so why was I having a baby? 
Things happen in life, and if we are to turn our backs or pretend that they don't exist then you're not at all in control of your life! I decided to take on this huge responsibility as a parent because It would change me as a person, It would allow me to grow up and be responsible, and look at life from a different perspective! The journey has been long and hard at times but I thank god everyday for her and how much she's changed my life as a Person, but most of all as a mother!
Now I know what it felt like to have my mom worry about me, the look of concern in her eyes when I fell off my bike or when I was sick and she couldn't really make the pain go away but she tried her hardest! Now that she's growing up, I take total advantage of spending more quality time with her! I take the time to listen to her, and our conversations at times are hilarious! I love that she confides in me and that she is so much like me in so many ways it's scary! 
So I picked her up from school and we spent some quality time at the park! Anyways guys take care and have a fun and safe weekend!

xoxo Ty


American Eagle: Top
H&M: dress 
Aldo: sandals 
Hubby's glasses
F21: Earrings


  1. She is adorable! And doesn't the time go so fast? Every minute counts, before you know it, they will be leaving for college! LOL!

    Cute casual outfit, love the sandals and that dress is too cute!

  2. It s true, time really goes by fast...You are a gorgeous mom!Love everything about this outfit!Your daughter is very lucky to have you as her mom!xoxo

  3. Love it! Fly Mama and Fly Baby!!!

  4. love those sandals! and that dress, and the multiple rings, so pretty.

  5. Very heart-felt post!

    The glasses are fierce right along with your hair - and the entire fit! FLY!!

  6. love it! the jacket, dress, shoes,glasses and jewelry are perfect together! may God continue blessing you and your baby girl :)))

  7. Awwh Ty! This is the cutest! I am so happy for you and your journey as a mom! You look cute as always and so does your mini me.

  8. Love your style and your hair especially your short curly do. I was curious as to how do you go about creating the curls. Do you curl it first before drying it or do you curl it after its dryed with a curling iron?

  9. Your little girl is simple adorable! 10 more years till shes 18 and off to college!!

  10. Your daughter is so cute and adorable! You look gorgeous and I love your dress!


  11. Mommy and daughter time...priceless...You both look too cute!

  12. Yes these kids are growing up so fast!!! I was just saying the same thing. I love your mini me's shoes too cute. Love your dress too

  13. Awwww this is an awesome post. Love the photos

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  14. Very cute both mother and daughter! I know you turn heads when you go and pick her up from school, HOT MOMMA =)

  15. You two look like the world is just for mother and daughter. I certainly applaud it and respect it. I'm spending week #2 with my moms. Can't get enough of this lady.