"Confidence is the key, I can only be ME"

There is so much of the world that i have not seen yet that i want to see! Paris, LA, New Orleans, Italy, London, Africa... Too many to name, but i think that you have more appreciation for the culture when you have experienced it yourself. I also love food and nothing beats trying different sorts of food, from other countries!
 view from our hotel window

Before going off to Vegas, I've always seen the Caesars Palace and the Flamingo Hotel on TV and movies, but its a different kind of feeling when you're standing face to face with this  landmark. It reassures you that its existence is real! Same as the Eiffel tower, sure I've seen it many times on TV, but to stand in front of the real thing is more than surreal!

I don't know where my next destination will be but i definitely want to visit the Philippines (Bantangas)
One of my girls just came back from there after celebrating her bros wedding on the beach! The scenery was heaven, Everything about it seemed right. But previous to the Philippines i had my eyes set on Krabi!  I think its some where in Taiwan and like the Philippines its heaven! Well lets see where my heart takes me next! And it would be an awesome trip for the kids!

Didn't have any time what so ever to polish my nails :(


H&M; leopard cardi
AA; Mesh bodysuit
F21;shorts and necklace
Zara; shoes
BCBG; clutch
Oliver Peoples; Sunglasses
Diesel; belt


  1. Hott!! love the mixture. chill and chic. hot shoes.

    Fashion Rehab

  2. YOU ARE ROCKING THIS OUTFIT! And thanks for 'raping my comment box'....JOKER! The hair tips were very much appreciated, calmed my nerves a bit :)

    And yer, I awarded you cos I love your blog, always so stylish and gorgeous. And you have a real knack for styling colourful pieces together :)

    Xisses, Onyxsta


  3. get any clothes in Vegas? I'm interested in seeing your purchases!!!!

  4. rocking with your leopard cardigan and the red shorts :D

  5. The cardigan it's amazing and the Zara shoes are so sexy and chic! Love your style!

  6. Very very much! excellent combination))) Such a beautiful and long legs, uh, I only dream of such)

  7. FLY! Love the cardigan and necklace