“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”

Hey Dolls! Hope everyone is having a fun and safe weekend!  Anyways be sure to enter my giveaway if you're an Aquarian! I think i will be adding a few more goodies to the basket so stay tuned for that! Also as u can see I'm sporting a new do! "extensions" (glued in)I get bored of my short do sometimes but i am not getting rid of it! I just want to give my hair a break and not use any heating tools for about a month or so! My hubby hates it and nags me a lot  
Hubby: "you know i like it when you wear your hair short right?"
Me: "uh huh! deal with it!" (lol i do get a bit feisty sometimes)

I'm so excited about my birthday and i have no clue what I'm going to be doing as yet! I did want to make the trip down to New york for fashion week, but i gotta save every penny i got for my trip to Vegas! And i still have to buy a dress! So Boo hoo! I can't believe how fast the years has gone by, just yesterday i was a rebellious teen, acting all crazy now I'm a wife and mom? how the heck does that happen? My biological clock is ticking man i can just hear it! lol

I'll be turning 26! Now I'm not complaining, because 26 isn't that old its just how fast it all happened, then ill be turning 50 and then 60! OMG! I'm seriously scaring my self to death now! So I'll shut up right now and just thank god for health and strength and being here to watch my beautiful kids grow!

Ha-ha I'm flaunting my Colgate smile!  I got my teeth cleaned today, for the first time in like 3 years! But don't be fooled i have mad cavities! Any one want to guess how much lol (just kidding) but seriously i have a lot! :(
xoxo Ty


Guess; jeans
Diesel; belt
Danier; leather Jacket
Forever21; Shirt
Gucci; bag
Aldo; open toe booties


  1. looking cute mama.Love the long hair.

  2. I like u no matter what... but i have to confess that i agree with the hubby missing the short hair

  3. Nice look! I love your jacket

  4. You look so fly as usual. I love the hair and that jacket is awesome.

  5. Loving this look, from the hair to the 'fit. I, too have short hair. I haven't gotten sick of it yet, to need a break. But when I do, I will definitely go all out with the length, just like you did. Very hot!

    Pixie Cut Chronicles

  6. I love the hair! You can rock either style.


  7. do you have an email address we can contact you at?

  8. yah for sure! Tysha_james@hotmail.com

  9. AWWWW How cute is that colgate smile of yours?? And I LOVE your hair!! Long hair suits you too....so much that I don't even know which I prefer!! Sad that the hubby no likey :(


  10. pretty :) but y the open toe on the snw?

  11. thanx guys much love xoxo i'm back to short hair! lol

    @blackbee: i guess its because i drive,snow never really kept me from wearing what ever i want, and whenever i do come out of my car the walk is like 5mins in and out! And by wearing socks under my open toe booties it gives me a chance to wear them all throughout the year *shrugs* im weird like that!lol