I am Superwoman

I'm a Wife, I'm a Mother, I'm a Daughter, I'm a Sister, I'm an Aunt, I'm a niece and I am a Friend 
My name is Tysha and you can call me Supa woman! (lol) Just like any woman out there, i have my daily struggles, tribulations and baggage, but how you deal with theses things are what makes or breaks you in the end! I get people (strangers and even my friends) asking me all the time, how do you do it? Be a mom, wife, dress up and have time for myself, cook, work, clean and possibly everything you can think of! 
 My superwoman cape lol

Let me start by saying i am not perfect! I too have my flaws because i am human! We tend to always blog about the merrier sides of our lives, but that's only normal right? You won't see the side of me when I'm mad, angry, frustrated, confused or teary eyed, but i do have my moments! I tend to only blog about happier events in my life because i want this blog to be a place that uplifts people and brings inspiration rather than talking about depressing things and sadness! And when i blog about these tings in turn i see that the positive things in my life always outweighs the bad! So i intend not to waste my positive energy on negative things

Every woman is a super woman no matter if you're a widow, or single mother. And if there's something that you wanna do that you feel that you can't, just take it one day at a time, being a super woman is just doing the things that you have to do, that comes natural to you without you even thinking about it!

Here's a little Inspiration... Click to listen! superwoman by Alicia Keys
This is one of my favorite songs  


Ralph Lauren; Poncho (Christmas gift from hubby)
Forever21; top
Aritzia; faux leather shorts
H&M; Tights
Zara; heels


  1. well said....love the cape

  2. i couldn't agree more.well said..love the outfit

  3. thx guys!
    once upon a time, i wouldn't be caught dead wearing a cape! It always seemed so grannyish to me! lol *covers eyes* how stupid do i feel now! There is this strange sophistication about capes! ill stop my rambling now! lol

  4. Love this! Go girl! Superwoman...and LOVE the look... that poncho...I LIVE!

  5. Thanks for shouting out the supermoms who are grinding and still finding time to look great. Why not? I want my son to know that a hardworking woman doesn't have to look like all she does is work :)

  6. love the cape & attitude of the last photo....gorge as usual x