Check Me Out On TheFashionRecords !

Hey luvlies,
I was recently asked to do an interview for http://thefashionrecords.com/ ! How exciting is it to have such an opportunity such as this ? I am truly blessed and I can't wait to share it with all of you guys ! Check it out right here http://thefashionrecords.com/2011/01/the-fashion-records-lookbook-tysha-james/  I am also uber excited as well because you guys will be able to see some more photos that I have not yet been able to put up as yet , you know how it is being a supermom, so littletime ! xxoxoxoxo enjoy loves !


  1. U look great dear. Sexy, fashion and classy love it

  2. so good to see you're getting the recognition that you deserve..

  3. Love every single outfit of yours the shoes..am speechless.lts so nice for us here in Uganda to see such lovelies ideas of outfits you can dress out there...its amazing..

    sheila**from Uganda**