Its Starting To Look Alot Like Christmas!

Christmas is 3 days away! How scary..... soon the big day will be gone as if it never existed until a next year comes around! The crowded malls will die down and everything will be back to norm! Anyways nothing much happening on my end! I'm proud to say that i didn't break the bank this year on Christmas gifts! (pat on the back, well deserved) Every one got just what they asked for, neither did i go all out! Got the hubby the hottest piece of technology on the market! Can anyone guess what it is? 

So Off Topic: I got to see a lunar eclipse for the first time in my life! My daughter and i stayed up and waited up till 3am to witness this event that only happens every so hundred years! CRAZY!  Not like anyone cares but it was pretty cool actually! 

Enjoyed lunch and shopping downtown with the hubby! 

:( put on a bit of weight

 These shoes are soooo uncomfortable couldn't wait till i got home to take them off! Now i remember why i shoved them to the back of my closet! :(


Danier; Leather Jacket
Louis Vuitton; Hubby's Scarf
Zara; cargos
Express; shoes
Gucci; Bag


  1. I love the red pumps with the cargo paints, and the scarf is cute:-)

  2. love the louis scarf


  3. All these pics (including the 2 posts w/ bday pics) are STUUUNNING!!!

  4. Thanks guys! how's the christmas holidays treating you'all?