"Cause we gon rock this club, We gon' go all night, We gon' light it up Like it's dynamite! "

Mondays oh how much i dread them! And the day never seems to go by any faster! However tomorrow is Tuesday that's a sign that the weekend is almost here :) I had a pretty interesting weekend! Went out on the town, to celebrate my sis in laws 24th birthday! What a Night! 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm always tardy for almost any and everything! (not a good thing) My hubby and i always get into it because he claims that it literally takes the whole night for me to get ready! Which he does have a point, but i've tried the whole 5 minute dress and go thing and it just doesn't work for me! I like taking my time to get ready and i hate being rushed. I do have my "Oh-shit-imma -be late-for-work-mornings" and then i throw on something and im out the door (and then i'm pissed cause my make up or hair looks like shit! lol note to self these are the days when i dont take pics!) but getting ready is never something i can rush!

Anyways got to the club and started off the night with a few tequila shots! Partied it up with my sisters and sis in Law! The music sucked but i made the best of it, considering that i wasn't there for myself but to celebrate with the fam! Call me old fashion but i enjoy dinner and a movie and call it a night! yah i can be a  party pooper at times but i'm totally ok with that! hahahha

Happy Birthday Sasha! I love you and i'm so glad that you are part of the crazy fam! hahaha
 We enjoyed partying it up with you and hope that you live to see many many more! And thanks for giving us the cutest nephew ever! 
xoxo Ty


French Connection; Dress
BCBG Generation; Heels
H&M; clutch

There's no bond stronger than sisterly love.... xoxo

Ty, Jonelle, and Ellisa
Big sis & I


H&M; lace top
American Apparel; Disco Pants
Expression; Red Pumps
F21; Leopard Clutch (borrowed from my sister)

 Little Sis & I


Bcbg; knee high boots
H&M; Lace dress, and skirt
Aldo; snake skin Clutch


W.I. S.W 

Steve Madden; Studded Pumps
F21; high waisted skirt, and top

Jonelle & Sasha

 Some jerk who wouldn't ago away unless he joined us in the pic! haha at least he was some what cute!

 Pointing at all the Boobage lol


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  2. OMG I LOVE that clutch...it is from Forever 21??? it looks high end

  3. u are rockin' with ur blacks outfits!!

  4. sexy in disco pants!!

  5. Thanks guys!
    @ chantal yes it is from f21! im in love with it but unfortunately it belongs to my sister! :( she ordered it online but now it is out of stock!