Fashion Week Swag!

Hey guys  hope every one had a great saturday, mine was filled with fun and excitement! Will share the news but before i do, i got an email from Maria (Chicisimo) asking to join in the game "What Would You Wear To Fashion Week?" So i happily accepted! The person with the most votes wins a flower bouquet but most of all you get exposure! I would never want to gain exposure for the wrong reasons, or for the fame! I want my voice to be heard and i want to inspire people through not just my out fits but through my words. So back to my point ( i always get off track) i would really appreciate your votes. 

On a second note, I wore this out fit to TFF (Toronto. Film . Festival) Sorry i couldnt take any pics cause no cameras were allowed! whomp whomp no fun, so i stopped at this beautiful rose garden to take a few
pics. My camera died right after!  Last thing on my mind GIVEAWAY. GIVEAWAY. GIVEAWAY Ill let you know the details in a giveaway Post! Stay tuned……

Tried the whole red nail look u like?

Give away clutch:  Brandnew
Steve Madden, f21: shorts,blazer, Lasenza lace bralette,


  1. I love that blazer and of course, those shorts are fabulous.

  2. i love your shorts, you're so cool ! love this !

  3. i love the look of the outfit

  4. this should be on look of the day

  5. Your legs are smoking hot!