Olivia Palermo is the epitome of style! She sure knows how to put together a mean outfit! As im not too sure of her purpose on reality tv show The City, it seems like she's just there to show off her to die for outfits and perfect crown of curls. I love her hair, her curls are so natural looking that it'd be a sin to think that it was styled with a curling iron!  lol Anyways i gotta give it to her, there isnt a look that she hasnt pulled of yet! She understands style and trends and knows how to put them together! I would love to take a tour into her walk in closet. (Dont know if she does have a WIC, but with style like that why wouldn't she?) I crave her style and always keep coming back for more, drawing inspiration form her many chic outfits. Its like having a sweet tooth! Okay im done rambling! Check her out!

I want her curls…..
Who would have thought of taking such a big fashion risk, but executing it so perfectly at the same time?  
Olivia Palermo, thats why she's a fashion Icon!
I love how she tied in the look with this chunky leopard belt! 

Olivia Palermo in Bensoni… One of her fav designers...

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