Hey guys.. so i've never done a post about food! Or me in the kitchen, so i decided to do something new! I am not much of a cook but however i don't mind trying new things! My elder sis got all the skills in that department! :D she can whip up a mean meal! Ms. betty crockah! So like i mentioned i'm not much of a cook, especially the fact that my mother-in-law does most of the cooking, so i get to escape "kitchen Time"

On the other hand i sometimes miss cooking so i decided to whip something up today...  Uncle Ben's style bwahhhhhahahahahahh! (hey i told you i ain't got no skills in the kitchen!)

My mother-in-law's favourite quote is "Food is the way to a man's heart" I Personally think something else is but let's leave that for another day!  lol lol  (sorry i was thinking out loud) lol lol .....ok so check out my BETTY CROCKAH SKILLS!


Always does the trick!

  1. 1 pack of Uncle Ben's teriyaki style rice
  2. chopped onions, green&red peppers, garlic, tomatoe
  3. sliced cucumbers
  4. steamed Broccoli
  5. chopped chicken breast 
  6. Any red wine of your choice ( i prefer red label wine)
  • Cut chicken breast into small cubes, and preheat pan add a bit of olive oil, fry chicken till golden brown, then add 2 caps of red label wine.
  • Bring broccoli to a boil on low heat, or steam broccoli if preffered
  • Bring Rice pack to a boil on low heat add contents and follow instructions on back of rice pack!
  • When rice is done to perfection, add rice and chopped veges to chicken 
  • Add brocoli and stir with a wooden spoon
  • Share food onto a platter and garnish with a few cucumbers or any vegetable of your choice


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