The Sweet Escape!

So this post was supposed to be uploaded on Friday while I was at work on my lunch break but I was having some technical difficulty so i decided to post it  today. enjoy!
Hey guys,TGIF! I've been waiting for the week to end. I don't know why but there's always some comfort in knowing that Friday is just around the corner.  I won't be enjoying the weekend because i will be at work since I took off last Saturday to get a few things done. I work every other weekend, which is a thumbs up! I love my job and all but it does get a bit boring when you have to wait for walk ins! However I am solid booked this sat, I have about 3 color jobs and 5 cut and styles. Apart from my fam, my clients keep me going they are the best and we all have this insanely cool relationship where we can tell each other anything. Sometimes it gets weird cause its like giving advice to my mom (they are older clients) but none the less it gives me a sense of comfort knowing that they can take advice from not just their stylist but someone half their age!  Its not always giving advice either, sometimes it's lending an ear, and listening to their woes! Anyways I'll stop the ranting.... this is a pic of me on my way to work this morning. I have about  two hours before my next client so why not upload?  :D have a fun Friday guys! xoxoxoxoxox
H&M: Tribal Maxi Dress, BCBG: Sandals & wooden bracelets


  1. My bff has that dress...love it!


  2. isnt it a beauty? and i love the extra long length....

  3. Hi I love your blog and can't get enough of it .I have a dress like that but it's shorter and has longer sleeves.Will email you a pic.Loads of love all the way in SouthAfrica