Russell Vs . Sawyer

Is anybody disappointed with how the series " Lost " had ended ? After six long years, we all cozily sat by the television with our eyes glued wondering how is this going to end. Then , we all find out that they were dead all along, and just hanging out in purgatory. Anyways, there's definitely a point to this post. I am completely saddened that my television boyfriend from lost " Sawyer " drool, won't be on television anymore. He is totally one hunk of man, and definitely will be missed, hopefully he reappears on a television show. So for now, my new imaginary boyfriend has to be Russell Brand. My sisters call me crazy, and literally ask me over and over if I know who Russell Brand is, lol...but I definitely think he is incredibly sexy. His whole style and personality just really gets to me ! I think he is unique, and the hair, you just gotta love the hair ! Anyways, who do you guys think is sexier? Night Luvies, Love ty

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