The Perfect Dress!

hey guys! so I doubt anyone is up at this time unless you're a couple hours ahead, depending on your location. However its 3:30 am and why the hell am I still up? I Don't Know! Lol, I wish I had a better explanation but I feel rather tortured at the moment and very fidgety! Oh well so I decided to jump on my mac book and upload a post. I was net surfing and I came across this dress. I can't begin to explain the beauty of it, all i know is I want it! It would be the perfect dress to wear to our  anniversary dinner. We met on May, 5 years ago to be exact and who would have thought we would have the perfect family, two kids girl and boy and a wonderful hubby. I couldn't ask for anything more. This might sound stupid, but I was never one to celebrate anniversaries, I hate being mushy and all that type of stuff, although my hubby and I are like oil and vinegar we get along perfectly fine. We never trying to step on each others toes lol, but like I was saying it always felt so cliche' to celebrate anniversaries, but a dear friend once told me that some things are worth celebrating! And I guess she was right, maybe i needed to do some growing up to finally recognize that some things are really worth celebrating especially with the one's you love, so I've kept an open mind, and this will be our first anniversary dinner EVER! so I want to look good!  OK I'm getting side tracked, as i was saying it would be the perfect dress, it shows a lot of skin but that's a risk I'm willing to take :D, anyways I most deff have to hit the gym. I wont be able to get fit to wear the dress in time for our dinner but as of tomorrow the staff at my local gym will know me by name! Lol my motivation for loosing weight is this fab dress.
check it out!
Aqua Bustier Tulip Dress for Asos  $152.18
The Ruching on the skirt is to die for!
Check out the back!  I love it.

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