Ty's Fab Finds

Hey everyone. I recently purchased these items two weeks ago. Lol, sorry for the late uploads. I always believe that there is a time and place for spending extravagantly and being a smart shopper, and that week was one of them. I purchased three pairs of pants, two of which were on sale at Zara, and the other at full price. This week was definitely a stealing weekend. I purchased a pair of Navy Blue silk like harem pants, a pair of green cargos  ( The military trend is definitely in right now ) , and lastly, a pair of khaki's imitating a sweatpant waistline.

However, this Good Friday my sister and I went to a shoe sample sale and I purchased 10 pairs of shoes. When it comes to shoes, oh boy ! I love them, and I'm sure every girl can agree with me on this one. Photoed below are two of my shoe purchases from BCBG. I love BCBG footwear. They are extremely comfy and definitely adds a little pizazz to any outfit.More pictures of the shoes will be coming up soon .


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