Splattered Paint!

Happy Monday to all! Well mondays are not the greatest day of the week, and doesn't get as much recognition as fridays lol so therefore I embrace mondays! bwahhahah yah right! Moving on, hope you all had a fab weekend, didn't do much just the norm, went to work and hung out with the fam! And of course i did visit the mall, zara did have some really fab peices that i was dying to get but, i made a vow to myself(lets see how long that will last!) to wear only whats in my closet! When you become a compulsive and obssesive shopper like me, you tend to forget all the great peices that you've purchased throughout the years! yup YEARS!  While i was looking through my closet the other day i found so many peices that i once went crazy over! still am! dont get it twisted but they're starting to feel a bit neglected! so this is my new project that i will be working on starting from today! and i'm only gonna buy the basics. It sucks when you have to put your needs ahead of your wants :(   so the clock starts now!
Anyways imma stop talking.  Hubby and i went car shopping today! I'm in need of a new car mines been giving lots of problems lately, since i don't know much about cars he gets to do the picking! I'm looking at a lexus IS. Its more of a sporty car, but i love the shape and interior. Here's my most recent pic... enjoy

I'm always talking!

zara jacket, diesel backless tank, AA tights, UO cutout flats, kbg bag, gucci sunglasses

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