Petite Feet Sample sale!

So I promised that I was gonna post my pics up from the shoe sale.. here it is! This took place on Easter Friday, dated April 1st 2010. It's raining shoes! So today I went to a shoe sample sale.  It was the greatest! too many shoes to choose from. However all the best shoes came in size 6's. I swear i felt like killing every size 6 bitch in that warehouse. lol just a thought! I did try squeezing my size 7 foot in a few size 6's bwahahahaaaaaaa! I know very pathetic and not like me but hey what can I say, it's shoes and i just gotta have them! here are a few pics of my shoes selections and my purchases....
I immediately fell in love with these boots, they're so bad ass! but I had to leave them it was a size 6! Arggg! sorry for the pic of my unshaven leg! GROSS!
loved the studs on those boots. And the brown basket weave sandals could also pass for clogs.
Ready to try on!
Couldn't decide which ones I wanted so i walked around in them until i was sure which ones i was taking. This random woman kept eyeing the studded ones, so i hid them. yes i confess, that was a horrible thing to do but I'm sure we're guilty of hiding things all the time! I'm sure she went on a goose chase trying to find those boots!
Still trying to decide!
My sister trying on leopard flats..
AND NOW FOR MY PURCHASES.... (still have a bit more purchases that i have to upload)
My favourite purchase BCBG boots.

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