On the run!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, cause tommorow is monday! Sorry for reminding you guys but unfortunately we can't fast forward mondays or any day to be exact! lol  Anyways My weekend is looking a bit hectic! I took the saturday off work hoping to get a few things done and relax but so far that hasn't been the case. My co worker Angie called and wanted me to come in to work, she said it was hectic! Every one and their granma wanted their hair done! lol literally! However sorry angie but i had to turn her down, too much to do in too little time! I'm surprised that i actually have time to post my pics and do a bit of blog updating! yah i love you guys! So here are a few pics that i took while on the run! i was actually wearing my steve madden suede pumps but afterrunning around all day my feet were killing so i always bring back up flats when i know im gonna be on my feet that long! anyways enjoy! later luvlies xoxoxoxo

Omg! its been a while since i've seen and heard an ice cream truck! It brings back memories of my child hood! I was dropping the kids off to my sisters so i could get a few things done and they
literally went nuts when they seen the ice cream truck! Ending results: We all bought ice cream

I heart spring!

I love this pic! Don't know what type of bird this is but my daughter is convinced that it is a red wing blackbird! she's so smart and here i was thinking it was a robin! Shame on you momie! 

This was a really creepy but cool tree all at the same time! Do you see how the flowers grew on only one side and the other side is strictly leaves. weird huh? I call it my alter ego tree! lol 

Tommy Hilfiger Blazer, H&m: tank, boyfriend jeans, steve madden flats, kbg bags, gucci sunglasses,
diy necklace, f21 bangle, rings

Hitch hiking a ride :D


  1. Blazer Popin'!
    Luv Luv Luv this look..

    CuYuTe & CasUal!


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