The sun is finally  here to stay! I'm loving this weather. Had such a great day today, I checked out this super cool sample shoe sale today, I went gaga! there was so much shoes, bcbg, Sam Eldeman, jessica simpson too much too name. I think i got a little too crazy snatching up almost every shoes in sight! There were a few cat fights lmfao :(   that tends to happen when there are too many women and shoes under one roof! I envy people with small feet, they had the most cutest shoes, but i did get a few good purchases! which i will post!  Atleast i don't have to buy shoes for a while! bwahahahahahahahahaa! yeah right! I'm on cloud nine! later lovelies!

Heritage tank,h&m skirt, steve Madden bag, bcbg boots, f21 accessories, Danier leather jacket


  1. thanks a bunch! im getting bored of it already and i just got it cut, i think im missing my long hair! its crazy when its long we want it short when its short we want it long! anywyas stay tuned im gonna have a giveaway soon, followers only! i'm not gonna ruin it, so stay tuned. bye hun!