It's Monday morning and the weather here sucks! We actually got a bit of snow yesterday which put me in the grumpiest mood ever! So here I am going back to my furs, scarves and jacket, who would have thought? I hope somewhere out there one of you are having fun in the sun! 

Anywho, I wore this outfit on Friday to run some errands and grab dinner with the fam.  I love the way these jeans fit, I could wear them like everyday! This was the perfect "walking" shoe! I was on my feet almost all day and didn't stop to think about my feet once!  I'm happy that I was able to cross this shoe off my want list! It's supposedly sold out in stores everywhere and if you are one of those people who didn't get one then sucks to be you! LOL j/k but I feel your pain!

On another note my hubby is becoming extremely annoyed at me! In his own words " You really need to invest in a tripod, because I am not your photographer!" Yes he gave it to me!  LOL He says that I give too many orders and directions while he is TRYING to take my pics! And as a result of this blog we are always late for everything because I wanna take 1000 pics! Well now, that is so not true! He just doesn't have the patience! So guys I will have to invest in a tripod for THIS blog as he calls it! LOL he kills me every time! So for those of you that use tripod's I desperately need your help so that I can put an end to his misery!


Le Chateau'; Vest
H&M; tank
Gstar; Jeans
Bcbg; Clutch
Zara; heels
Micheal Kors; Watch


  1. I love the b&w, and that vest is so cute. Good luck on finding a cute tripod, I have a point and shoot, and i found a really cheap tripod on ebay.

  2. You look gorgeous!I absolutely love this outfit!Very funny!Men don t understand our passion..;))xoxo

  3. So cute...love that vest girl:-)

  4. awwwwwww fab tyy

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  6. i love this look tysha ! you are cute.

  7. I sm soooo jealous about these heels! The Zara in ATL doesn't have all the shoes. I want the green court shoes SO BAD!!!

    Love that white vest, girl!

  8. I absolutely love when you wear those shoes... Looks good every time!


  9. 1st I'd like to say that it sucks you're still getting snow!

    Now...this is such a chic look! Love the every piece including the clutch.

    I use a tripod when the daughter isn't around. It's for the type of dslr I have and I love it...but having the daughter take my pics are waaaay better.


  10. awwww tell hubby a tripod has nothig on his excellent ohotography skills! He's like a pro and your pics always turn out SO good <3
    Shame about the weather. It dampened my mood last week too but its back to being bright and sunny so no complaints :)

    BLEURGH & Xisses

  11. Cute look. I think everyone's hubby or boyfriend gets tried of being the photog lol then buys their boo a tripod. Your outfit looks cute

  12. L O V E the black and white combo (duh, I'm the colorless blogger, haha) I'm the biggest leather pants fanatic. Also, lusting the pumps. :)

    xx rina

  13. Those are the same shoes that Nick Clegg's wife wore to the Royal Wedding!

  14. Damn ur jacket is georgous ! I love ur outfit
    u r beautiful as usual