Good Things Come In Small Packages Along With Good Customer Service

Hey darlings, hope every one is having a good mid week! ha ha i love the middle of the week  cause its not too far away from the weekend. The hubby and i  will be going out to dinner this weekend to celebrate his bday! I love special occasions. There's always a different set of memories left behind. Hopefully it'll be a nice night out cause im not in the mood for covering up! ha i know summer's gone and fall has already blessed us with its cool breezy nights, so no luck there! maybe ill just freeze my ass off! Beauty is pain and torture! ha ha

Anyways, so i went birthday shopping for the hubby!
First stop was Gucci!
Second Stop: Louis Vuitton (can i tell you horrible customer service, and the snobby of snobbiest people work there) I was totally ignored, and frowned upon! Can u see through my pockets or something? So what makes you better than me? Im a hard working citizen who's coming to spend my hard earned paycheck in your bloody damn store! hold up did i mention i am about to walk the f@*# outta here!
Third Stop: Holt Renfrew ( our version to Neiman Marcus) so it happened that Holts had a LV boutique, I gladly looked around with help from many, AHhh this is what customer service suppose to feel like! Anyways i got him a black LV belt! (goes perfect with his LV shoes!) now that's over with

On my way home i got stuck in the MARCH FOR JESUS PARADE! i was stuck in traffic for hours! Did i ever mention that i have the worst road rage ever! When i couldnt keep it in any longer i had to halla at the police! "CAN I GET OUT OF HERE MAN!"

Shoes;Chinese Laundry 

Nude jeans, F21; top, Bag; Chanel Inspired


getting out of my car cause im blocked in WTF?


  1. Bad customer service is the pits... I do the same thing... leave... Btw... ya shoulda just marched for Jesus!!! :0)