I am literally lusting after these must have pieces, i mean like wow! H&M is going hard this summer and i mean hard! how can a girl keep her coins under her matress if yall keep going hard like this! I am trying to save up for my miami trip in july but damn! check it out!

I got my eye on that striped dress! NEXT.......

That nude kimono jacket has my name written all over it! NEXT...........

This dress is so alexander Mc Queen inspired i want it and i will get it!
I do have a similar one in grey,black and white that does me remind  me of rihanna's dress pictured below!

This skirt is so fab! i can see myself wearing it with a leather biker jacket, black tights, and heels to kill! God you gotta love H&M! NEXT.......

Ok so eye this very carefully, this is the real deal Alexander Mc Queen leggings the hot buy of the moment! now look at h&m's version...

Incredibly insane! My paycheck is already done and i haven't even got it yet! 


  1. I saw those items at H&M today in SOHO...I really liked that pink and gray hoodie. Too bad I'm broke, lol. I want that black and white dress but I just know everyone and their mama will have it on. I'm interested in seeing how you could add your own twist to it.

  2. @Brandie OHHHHH youre so lucky, these peices aren't even out yet in canada! They're so freakin backwards when it comes to fashion! Yah i'm loving the pink and grey hoodie too! As for the black and white dress, i wish i owned it, i only have the black and white version to the blue dress pictured above! I will post it up soon enough! girl when im broke i still seem to find a way to get the things i want don't ask me how lol xoxoxoxo