Dinner and a Movie!

A couple nights ago! This was me going out to dinner and a movie with my hubby, these are things you hardly ever get to do anymore when you have kids so we took advantage of the time spent alone! I was in a rush so my pics arent all that great but i just wanted to capture the outfit before i left!  The jeans that i wore with the chambray isnt the look i wanted to go for, but i couldn't find my ripped up jeans so i got stuck wearing my cream corduroys! (yes ppl still do wear them, ppl like me) xoxoxoxooxoxoxo

American Eagle chambray, forever21 corduroy jeans, louis Vuitton purse, Da vinci heels


  1. Lurve da bag girlie , itz nice to c reel handbagz on websitez !

  2. I'm inspired. Saw your spotlight on Fashion Bomb!


  3. I concur with Fashion Du Jour!