Hi luvlies, hope every one had a great weekend. Today is Monday, but Friday is just around the corner. Its crazy how the week flies. So like i said before the salon has been crazy busy lately, teens coming to get their manes done for prom! It's really exciting to see the inspiration behind their hair styles. Some went  with a vintage look. ( finger waves was my favourite) and some wanted a head filled with curls and lots of hairspray which reminded me of the movie  "HAIRSPRAY" featuring Queen Latifah. Its crazy when there's a room filled with teens and raging hormones! lol  It was funny as hell a few times my co worker Angie had to take apart the hair style and do it all over again to their perfection! She tried to keep a straight face but definitely wanted to blow! overall we had fun. Today is a bit slower but will pick up in the late afternoon when everyone's is on their way home from work. I wish we were closed on Mondays, Most salons in our area choose Mondays to close because it is such a sloooowwww day! anyways imma stop my ranting and get to the point :) My sisters and i went shoppping yesterday, i know i promised that i am not going to buy anything unless i NEED  it, and that i was gonna try wearing things from my closet more often but you know whats the reality of that happening? I guess i say it cause it sounds good! lol i purchased a few things yesterday that i couldn't dare leave behind. I still got a few more things on my wish list but I am seriously low on funds! I also purchased a few things for the kiddies which i will post to give you a lil taste of how i dress my kiddies. :D  But on another level, i did some serious damage at the mall yesterday. Take a wild guess how much i spent! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
 Check it out!


H&M skirt. loved the color!

H&M: studded belt,clutch from the Riviera collection

look at the texture!

H&M striped maxi dress. Its super long, just the way i like it :D

Zara leopard tunic, i'm in love!

Miss sixty denim jacket! do you see that? This is what killed my pockets, but i had to have it...

look at the detail on the sleeve

American Eagle  diy shorts

Ardene earrings styled as charms!

American Eagle Shirt love the whole military theme and it can even be worn when this trend is long forgotten!

love the stud detailing

And last but not least the grand finale! i had to have it! i'm gonna wear it on the release of SEX AND THE CITY! 
Stay tuned to see how i will dress it up for the big night!



  1. i love the clutch, i literally went on a hunt for it ! I got the last one, i was extremely excited.

  2. This clutch seems to be going like hot cakes!