A couple of days ago, Rihanna was phtoto'd wearing these awesome flowered shorts, very unique i must say! Never seen anything like it! I found out that her shorts are from opening ceremony, and retail cost is $370, can you spell S-P-L-U-R-G-E ? that's kinda pricey for shorts so i went on an online hunt for similar shorts less pricey but nothing close. However i did find these cool almost look a like shorts retailing for more than Rhi Rhi's! It's pretty much the same concept but different colors. Have a look, what do you think pretty close or not?

Sorry for the bad quality pics. I tried to get a better pic but no luck! Anyways this Marc Jacobs ruffled bloomer shorts retails for $995. For better quality pics you can check it out on www.shopstyle.com 
Once I find something that retails for less I will most definately post it! later luvlies

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